True North


I believe we are all born knowing our own course, what we were born to be in this world.  Sometimes that path involves really big and amazing things.  Sometimes, it is just living each day to the best of our ability.  Both have their merits.

One of the most freeing days of my life was the day I realized I was just going to be me.  I wasn’t going to be famous and probably never outlandishly wealthy, but that certainly didn’t mean my life would be without purpose and meaning.  I’ve always known my role was a background role, quiet and slow and steady and close to home.

My daughter, now twenty, is completely the opposite.  She is a “hands-on, front and center, experience the whole world” person.  I am happy she is one of those people, we need those people as much as we need the “quiet and slow and steadies.”  We balance each other and so things keep moving.  Sometimes forward and sometimes backward, but always a constant ebb and flow of movement.

One of the things that my daughter recently brought to my attention by not so gently reminding me to follow my own advice, was to remember to center and find my “true north.”  As individual as a fingerprint, true north is unique to each person.  I am going to spend some time today remembering who I want to be and begin to chart that path back into my life.